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The Attack of the… Chained Dogs?

Another Day in Real Estate…I’m showing my client and her mom properties. We get to the second-to-last home shown today. We pull up to the property. I already knew this property had dogs, but the notes said the dogs would be locked up in the back. Okay… Mind you, I love dogs, so this doesn’t worry me. But I’m with my client and I find out that she is scared of dogs. So.This is where the story starts.

We notice the dogs outside, but we continue to the lockbox to open it,but I’m using my app to get into the property, which isn’t working. To get into the house, I haveto go back to my car to get the key card. While I am doing this, my client and her mom go around to the side of the house to see more of the yard, which is understandable. I get the key from my car, start walking back to the door and I hear the dogs barking and running towards me.My clients just say run! This is the worst feeling in the world. I run so damn fast to my car; I don’t think I have ever run that fast. Once everyone is in the car, we notice that the dogs were chained.

My client and her mom tell me that when the dogs saw them they started running towards them, so she and her mom took off running and then saw me and told me to run. The flash back I keep having is the facial expressions on my clients as they ran towards me! I cannot stop laughing and I know I will never forget this moment. Good thing my client is my girlfriend and I can laugh with her for years to come! I just really wish I could have taken a picture of this moment.



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