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The Vanishing Closing Check

I have done a lot of closing, but this one closing has never happened before. I am so excited about this closing because it is my girlfriend that’s buying a brand new home. The closing is going great and I have settled with this title company many times before. We get through the signing of the papers and my client gives her $14,000 check (when you close a home, you must pay the closing cost your lender requests). So, my client gives her cashier’s check to the title lady. At this point it’s party time.

The title lady goes back to make copies of everything she has signed for the new buyer. My client and I are hugging and talking about what she will be doing to the home first, what colors the walls will be, what furniture she is going to pick; all the normal conversations you have after you finish signing your life away. Then the title lady brings us the copies from everything she has signed and a copy of the check,then leaves again to get her new keys. The title lady come back in and says did I give you your check back? Of course you didn’t, we say, because that doesn’t come back to us. And she says she can’t find the check. Huh….what…You can’t find the check? She goes out and continues to look for the check. I’m thinking, yes, you better because that doesn’t make any sense. My client definitely gave you the check because we already have our copies. She comes back in again, looking worried and asks us if we can help.

So now I’m looking like, are you serious, you really can’t find the check? So we proceed to help her find this check. We look behind the copier, open the copier up to make sure it’s not stuck inside, look in the offices, the trash cans, look in her office, we look high and low. Mind you, this a small office and it’s just us there. There are only three people in this office and no one came in. We looked for this check for over 30minutes. At this point my client is getting frustrated and of course the title lady saysshe won’t be able to give us the keys until we find the check. (WE) Find the check? (WE) didn’t lose the check?

Now we are getting worried and my client has mover coming the next day. She calls the bank and they say she would have to cancel it and wait 24 hours to get a new check. At this point I am in disbelief because this HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!So we decideto keep looking because my client had to get those keys TODAY! After another 30minutes the title lady calls upstairs to another lady and tells her what is going on and she comes downstairs to help. Within five minutes she goes into the processor’s office, pulls her chair out, and there is the check. Now listen, the processor and I had just left the office after looking for this check! I cannot not believe it. Some closing this was! My client finally gets her keys and we go celebrate! This was a first for me. Another day in Real Estate!!!



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