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Solar Panels Sold with Homes

We did it! We’ve learned a lot of lessons from this sale. Homeowners, whether you’ve worked with Vivint Solar or any solar company, please make sure you read your contracts. Vivint is definitely a lien on your home!! The solar panels should be sold with the home, but…what happens when the buyers don’t want the solar panel??? Always have a contingency plan if you want to sell and have solar panels. You will be charged a VERY HEFTY FEE if you need to cancel service or transfer the panels to your next home! Just make sure to read the fine print before going with any solar company. Weigh all your pros and cons before going solar, and think about whether you plan to stay in your home forever or only for a short period. Well…after 3 long weeks, we were finally able to get the approval to move the solar panels to my client’s new property. I want to thank the buyers’ agent, Kanoee Reynolds, for her patience and her clients as we worked through this hurdle. This is my 2nd time working with her, and she is always professional. We both worked together on behalf of our clients to get this done! I’d also like to thank LeeAnne T. Rodriguez and the title company Settle with Pride for assisting withtheir professional service in this deal. Thank you to the lender, Chanin Sharpless Wisler. This was my first deal with you, and you were awesome in getting this quickly approved! Congratulations to the wonderful buyers (my new neighbors) and my amazing sellers, who can now move on to their dream home! #Realtor #RealEstate101 #Alwayslearning #september #realtorlife #Buyersandsellers #SOLD #Thatswhyididmyhappydance #notalldealsareeasy #ohyouthoughtthiswaseasywork #HA



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